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Portfolio Honors Award

At its annual convention this April, the The Portrait Society of America awarded me a Portfolio Honors Award. This is the sixth Portfolio Award I've received from the Portait Society, one in each year I've competed, including First Honors last year.

With Christine Lashley and Gavin Glakas

With Christine Lashley and Certificate of Merit Award Winner Gavin Glakas


Portrait Society Signature Membership Award

At last year's convention, the Portrait Society of America granted me Signature Status Membership, allowing me to sign all personally created works with the initials "PSS" (Portrait Society Signature) after my name, " as an indication of our harmonious high standards and goals, to create, to advance and to share." At this year's convention, the Society gave me this gorgeous award commemorating my Signature Membership. Thank you Portrait Society!

Signature Membership Award


I Presented the Breakout Panel "The First Ten Years" at the Portrait Society of America Annual Conference

Portrait Society Conference Main Auditorium

It was my great honor to present the panel "The First Ten Years", featuring Daniel Robert Liberace, Rhoda Sherbell, Alicia Ponzio, and Daniel Greene, during the break-out sessions at this year's annual conference. Each of the four described the seminal moments and presented images of their artwork from the first decade of his or her artistic career.

Rob has been one of my two most influential instructors, Rhoda and Alicia's profound work moves me deeply, and Daniel Greene has been an inspiration for my growth for as long as I've been painting. Hence, I could not have been more honored to introduce each of them.


I donated a painting to the Portrait Society of America's Limited Size/Unlimited Talent mystery auction\

I donate a 9 x 6 inch oil painting each year to the Limited Size, Unlimited Talent Mystery Auction at the Portrait Society's annual conferences. Here is my painting for this year:

Helen Reclining 6x9 Donated Painting

Each year, former award winners donate unsigned, 6 x 9 inch arworks. The Portrait Society auctions them alloff simultaneously, all for the same price, without the viewers knowing who painted each. These auctions bring in tens of thousands of dollars to provide scholarships to atelier and art-school students.


I Performed Portfolio Critiques at the Portrait Society of America's Annual Conference

Portfolios Table

I provided portfolio critiques on Friday afternoon and informally throughout the conference. I perform critiques for my Art League students regularly, offer critiques in galleries and to art leagues around the DC metropolitan area, and value the opportunity to help others develop their bodies of work and avenues of marketing as much as I value my own painting. Accordingly, this opportunity to work with artists from around the country was a joy.

Thank you again to Carolyn, Kim, and everyone else at the Portrait Society!





13th Annual Plein Air Telluride Celebration of Oudoor Painting

13th Annual Plein Air Telluride

I'm thrilled to announce that I've been invited to participate this summer in the 13th Annual Telluride Plein Air celebration of outdoor painting! Each summer, the Sheridan Arts Foundation in Telluride, Colorodo hosts 25-30 nationally renowned Plein Air artists to participate in its plein air competition and festival of landscape painting. This year's festival is from June 28 to July 4. Thank you so much Sheridan Arts Foundation!


Winter 2016 Art League Painting Classes Begin on January 12 & 13

The Art League School Catalogue

For information about my oil painting classes teaching portrait, figure, and still-life click here. To review The Art League School's catelog of classes, click here. Not sure if my classes are for you? Drop by and monitor a class session, or even come paint with us for a class session.

Winter Term begins on January 11, with my first classes on January 12 & 13.




Summer 2015 Art League Painting Classes Begin on June 23 & 24

The Art League School 2014-15 Course Catalog

For information about my oil painting classes teaching portrait, figure, and still-life click here. To review The Art League School's catelog of classes, click here. Not sure if my classes are for you? Drop by and monitor a class session, or even come paint with us for a class session.

Summer Term begins on June 22, with my first classes on June 23 and 24.


I Won First Prize at the Paint Great Falls 2015 Plein Air Competition

The Arts of Great Falls presented its Paint Great Falls 2015 plein air competition on May 28-31. Special thanks to Executive Director Julie Casso and Jill Banks for making my first plein air competition ever such a joy! I painted my winning painting, Afternoon Falls, at Overlook 1 in Great Falls Park on Saturday, May 29.

Afternoon Falls by Edward J. Reed

Afternoon Falls, 12 x 9 inches, oil on canvas board

I composed the painting during overcast, flat light in the late morning, left for several hours, and then returned in the late afternoon when the sun shown to paint the shadows reaching across the falls.

Painting Great Falls Overlook 1 at Mid-day - Edward J. Reed       Overlook 1 As the Sun Fades - Edward J. Reed

Composing the painting mid-day, and just after the light faded in the evening





I won the First Place Best Portfolio Award at the Portrait Society of America 2015 Conference

Portrait Society of America 2015 Conference

I have now won six Best Portfolio awards, one at each of the six Portrait Society annual conferences he has attended.


I donated a painting to the Portrait Society of America's Limited Size/Unlimited Talent mystery auction\

I donated a 9 x 6 inch oil painting each year to the auction. My painting this year is a study I completed to work out a section of a larger, ongoing painting of one of his favorite models, Sheba:

Sheba Study by Edward J. Reed

This year's auction raised over $30,000 that the Portrait Society uses to provide scholarships for students who are studying at ateliers or schools to attend the Society's yearly events.


The Portrait Society of America Awards Ted Signature Status

\Portrait Society of America Signature Status

I could not be more thrilled or honored by this award!

According to the Portrait Society, "This honorary status grants the right to use the initials of the organization (PSS-Portrait Society Signature) on all personally created works as an indication of our harmonious high standards and goals, to create, to advance and to share." The Society has only granted Signature Status to 12 of its 3,200 members.

The Society awards Signature Status "to practicing and accomplished artists who are dedicated to the educational mission and high aesthetic standards of the Portrait Society of America. The artist's work must consistently demonstrate a high level of skill and sophistication of aesthetics." It bases the award on two accomplishments, (1) "the consistently high exhibition of skill and vision embodied throughout the artist's portfolio," and (2) "educational activities that are designed to cultivate a further understanding and practice of representational fine art" including teaching, mentoring, demonstrating, lecturing, and producing fine art instruction materials. Click here for more information.


Beth Bathe: Former Apprentice Update

Beth Bathe in her Studio

Beth in her Lancaster, PA Studio

Beth Bathe had a banner 2014. For those of you who don’t know her, Beth obtained her BFA from Virginia Commonweatlh University and ran her own graphics design business for 25 years before finally beginning to study painting about five years ago. She studied at The Art League School in Alexandria where she became my apprentice for two years before jumping ship and moving to Lancaster, PA, where she now thrives painting people, animals, still life works, and landscapes.

Beth Bathe - Snow Babies, 6 x 8 inches        Beth Bathe - Watermelon with Two Friends        

Beth Bathe - Brandywine Barn        Beth Bathe - The Three Amigos                

Last summer, Beth participated in invitational plein air festivals all around the region, winning first, second, and people's choice awards. In the fall, she painted in China with Quian-Huang.

Here are some of Beth's recent exhibitions, invitationals, and awards:

• Exhibitions Include: “Best of 2014” – Crystal Moll Gallery, Baltimore, MD; 6” Squared – Randy Higbee Gallery, CA; Short Dog Studios , Ephrata PA; "Scapes" - The Art League's annual landscape exhibition, Alexandria, VA , both 2010 and 2011; and Daily Paintworks,

• Juried Artist: 2014 Plein Air X Easton!; and Plein Air Camp Hill PA, both 2014 and 2013

• Invited Artist: Plein Air Mt. Lebanon, PA, Oct. 2014; and Plein Air Chincoteague, VA, Sept. 2014

• Awards Include: First Place, 2014 Small Works Show, The Art Center, Mechanicsburg PA; First Place and People’s Choice, Gettysburg Fest Plein Air Competition 2014; Second Place, Quick Draw. Plein Air Camp Hill 2014; and Honorable Mention, Plein Air Camp Hill 2013

Beth Bathe paints at Plein Air Easton

Beth paints at Plein Air X Easton

To visit Beth and see more of her work , click here.



FALL 2014/WINTER 2015


Open-Public Art Critique and Portrait Demonstration

On Saturday, November 8, 2014, I gave a group artwork critique and performed a live model demonstratoin at the Mattawoman Creek Art Center in Marbury, Maryland. Both the critique and the demonstration were open to the public and well attended.

MCAC Group Critique

•   Group Artists' Work Critique: The two-hour critique was direct but upbeat, with an eye towards overcoming hurdles and further developing each artist’s strengths.  I discussed two artworks of each attending artist to address specific issues with each piece and provide insight on directions each artist might want to take his or her work in the future.  I regularly presents group art critiques at The Art League and has offered them at ArtSpace Herndon, the Mayrland Federation of Art, and Gallery West as well.

MWCA Demo Sarah

•   Portrait Painting Demonstration: My three-hour, live-model demonstration presented a classical approach to painting a portrait in oils in an alla-prima technique. I paired the act of painting with a full lesson on the challenges and techniques involed in capturing gesture, expression, and the subject's essential character rather than just incidental accuracies.

•   Feedback: Everyone attending the five-hour event seemed thrilled. One artist said that she learned more during the evening than she had over the last two years. Five artists asked about whether they could get into my Art League classes, and two said they definitely intend to attend next term. The MCAC director wrote on Facebook, "A most informative & enjoyable evening with Ted Reed. He has a wealth of information that he delivers with humor and animation!"

•   Thanks: Thank you everyone at the MCAC, especially Mary Kercher, for welcoming him once again to its breathtaking riverside facilities, organizing the events, and providing me with this wonderful opportunity to work with southern Maryland's thriving and gracious art community. If you are an artist in southern Maryland and do not know the MCAC, do not waste another moment! Discover and join this vital group of talented artists today.

For more imformation on the MCAC, click here for the MCAC website and here for the MCAC Facebook page.


Portrait and Figure Festival - October 23-25, 2014

Portrait & Figure Festival Composite

As part of its 6oth-Year Anniversary Celebration, The Art League is proud to to have presented its first Portrait and Figure Festival, a celebration of the artists, works, and techniques in one of the most compelling genres of visual art!

Dual Portrait Demo 1

Ted (center) and Kurt Schwarz (left) paint in the simultaneous Master Demo event

Participants from all of over the region assembled to meet the area's top portaitists and figure artists and expand thier networks. Instructors presented numerous live-model demonstrations in different medias. Leading professionals offered in-depth portfolio critiques. The Festival offered "behind-the-scenes" tours of the National Portrait Gallery and the National Gallery of Art to see works not available to the public. This Festival provided it all, from drawing to painting to sculpture to print making, from classical realism to contemporary expression, from to insights on anatomy by a forensic imaging specialist to advice on framing from a conservator and master guilder.

My Involvement

I presented the Keynote Address and led the Keynote Discussion Panel, painted in the live-model Master Demo simultaneous demonstrations with Robert Liberace, Kurt Schwarz, and Dan Thompson, and took a small group of attendees to dinner in Old Town to get to know accomplished artists and meet Portrait & Figure Festival peers.

Video of Keynote Address and Panel Discussion

Keynote Panel

To see a video of the Keynote Address and Keynote Discussion Panel, click on the image above or click here. Be sure to jump forward to minute 9:45, when the panel discussion begins, and hear Rob Liberace, Danni Dawson, Dan Thompson, and Ted share their views on: (1) the biggest day-to-day hurdles portrait and figure artists face; (2) the effect of digital imager on traditional art; (3) how much room do commissioned works leave for artistic expression; (4) how much of a portrait is about the artist; (5) what inspires your figure paintings; (6) what the most common student mistakes are; and (6) the most outrageous gallery or client story.

The Art League Gallery featured my painting Helen in the Festival's Presenters' Exhibition.

Helen Small


For more information about the Festival, click here. To see a gallery of photographs from the Festival, click here.


The Art League's 60th Anniversary Celebration

In 2014, The Art League celebrates 60 years of bringing the arts to the community through our school, gallery, store, and outreach programs. In 1954, an art teacher and a small group of students joined together to create opportunities for artists like themselves to exhibit, learn, & grow. We've come a long way from that first exhibit at a furniture store in Arlington! Through several moves, leading the establishment of the Torpedo Factory Art Center, and expanding our programs to fill more than 10,000 class seats annually, engage over 1,000 artist members, attract 72,300+ visitors to its gallery, and achieve national recognition for its outreach — The Art League remains dedicated to nurturing the artist and enriching the community.

To celebrate its anniversary, The Art League is presenting a series of exciting events and exhibitions, including the exhibit and festival immediately below. I was deeply involved in both. For more information about the celebration, click here.


Influence & Inspiration Exhibition


From some of the founding artists of the Washington Color School movement to some of the greatest representational painters today, many of the region’s most notable artists have taught at The Art League over the last 60 years. As part of its 60th Anniversary Celebration, the League presented Influence & Inspiration, an exhibit showcasing extraordinary works of art from the League's finest past and present faculty members in the historic Atheneaum art space.

The exhibition ran from August 7 to September 21, 2014. Postcards and fliers for the show, and the Art League's exhibit information webpage, featured my painting Jennifer, shown here:

Influence & Inspiration 7

For more information about the exhibit, click here.

Krisa Townsend: Former Apprentice Update

Krista Main Photo

Krista continues to thrive in the Charlottesville, VA art market. The Yellow Cardinal Gallery in Charlottesville is presently featuring Krista's figure work in its exhibition Unwrapped; The Many Facets of the Figure. For more exhibit information, click here. Krista continues to devote her focus to urban landscapes, with the usual stunning results. The University of Virginia recently acquired these two landscapes for its permanent collection:

Krista Spudnuts

Krista Townsend, Spudnuts, University of Virginia Hospital

Krista Pink Building

Krista Townsend, Pink Building, University of Virginia Hospital

Krista has recently presented and sold her landscapes in numerous Charlottesville exhibitons. To see more of Krista's work, click here. For more information on Krista and her work, click here.



Judge for Annual All-Media Juried Art Show - Mattawoman Creak Art Center

In June, I was honored to serve as the juror for the Mattawoman Creak Art Center's annual exhibition. Mattawoman Creak Art Center is a non-profit art organization dedicated to the practice and appreciation of the visual arts in the Southern Maryland. Its picturesque, riverside building offers one of the most beautiful gallery spaces in the area. The Center's staff is welcoming, enthusiastic, and gifted, and its members produce top-quality art. Click here for more information about exhibits, classes, and the Center.

In 2011-13, I served as the juror in the following national and regional competitions:

•  5th Annual Portrait Show - ArtSpace Herndon Regional Exhibition, Herndon, Virginia, October 2013

•  15th Annual National Juried Show - Gallery West, Alexandria, Virginia, February-March 2012

•  Fall Exhibition - Maryland Federation of Art, September 2012

•  Unbridled - Arlington Art Alliance, Arlington, VA, May 2011


Museum Acquisition

The Ratner Museum, in Bethesda, Maryland, acquired for its permanent collection my painting Immortal Longings -- The Death of Cleopatra, depicting the climactic scene from Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra.





Six-Month Museum Exhibition

From October 2011 through March 2012, The Ratner Museum, presented the exhibition "My Favorite Artists - Phillip Ratner", displaying seven of my paintings.




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