Praise for Present Stranger


In the Falls Church News-Press "Northern Virigina Art Beat" column, Kevin Mellema raves about Present Stranger as part if his review of Ted's September 2008 "Presence" exhibition:

As good as ["Pippi Takes a Ride"] is, "Present Stranger" seems that much better still. Here we find an elderly man regally resting on a park bench under the glow of an overhead street light. Reed masterfully renders the diaphanous skin quality of advancing age. The low viewpoint and his outstretched arms resting on cane speak to his feeling of power and presence. Here, however, it's a power that has gone the way of his youth, leaving only its memory and general aura. Now a portly enfeebled elderly man, alone in the world with no place to go, and nothing to do. His thousand yard stare off into the distance seems to look on the current state of the world with disdain, while simultaneously waiting and watching for his transportation from this mortal coil. The looming mass of ink black night sky above him gives us the feeling his wait will not be a long one.

Click here to read Mr. Mellema's full review of the "Presence" exhibit.


Glenn Perry, the juror of The Art League's November 2008 "Large Works" exhibition , who awarded Present Stranger Best of Show, wrote:

A piece has to have a rhythm, snynergy, and be cohesive in order to succeed. The technical aspects that come together to create a strong compostion have to be harmonious. If there isn't a musical quality, then the work is not successful. "Present Stranger" has great drama created by the palette, lighting, and composition. The movement of the paint leads the eye of the viewer around the piece. The strategically placed highlights also draw the eye throughought the composition.


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