Painting Instruction

A Decade of Experience

Ted teaches at The Art League School in Alexandria, VA.

From 2004 through the fall term of 2014, he has taught 549 students in Art League classes. Many students study with Ted for multiple terms, some for more than two years. In total, these 549 students have filled 1,075 enrollments in his classes over the last decade.

Beyond these classes, Ted provides a variety of forms of instruction, listed below.


The Art League School Information

The Art League School is located in the Torpedo Factory, 105 North Union Street, Alexandria, VA 22314.

The school's office number is 703-683-2323.

To visit The Art League's web site, click here.

To review the School's on-line course catalogue, click here. From there, click on the word "School" on the left to access registration information, the School's calendar, and other information.


Quarterly Terms

The School has four terms, each of which is nine-weeks long:

Fall 2014 (September 15 to November 16)
Winter 2014 (January 5 to March 8)
Spring 2014 (April 6 to June 7)
Summer 2014 (June 22 to August 21)

Oil Painting Classes

Each term this academic year, Ted offers the same class on two different days:

Tuesdays, 7:00 P.M. - 10:00 P.M, $195.
Wednesdays, 9:30 A.M.. - 12:30 A.M, $195.

This class is designed for portrait, figure, and still life painters. Beginning students with previous drawing experience are welcome. These students will develop control of color, value, form, and composition, while learning proper oil painting techniques. Intermediate and advanced students will explore more advanced compositional elements, work with complex color and paint-application techniques, and focus on completing finished work. The class emphasizes the importance of individual expression and the expansion of personal style. Portrait and figure painters work with both portrait and nude models, and still-life painters can work from a still life set up for class but are also encouraged to compose their own still-life subjects.

Model fees are extra and paid by all students.

Ted's classes usually meet in the larger classrooms in the Madison Annex. The address for the Madison Annex is 305 Madison Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. There is also an entrance at 808 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA.


Class Demonstrations

For a gallery of a handful of the dozens of demonstrations Ted has performed in classes, click here to go to the Demo page.


Other Student Instruction

Ted also routinely provides instruction to his Art League Students outside of class itself, including:

•   Composition Powerpoint Seminars: These short seminars present the fundamentals of sound composition in painting, visually illustrating these principles with historical masterworks and paintings by leading contemporary artists.

•  Student Advice Sessions: These sessions address: (1) students' personal work, both in progress and completed, painted outside of class; (2) exhibition and competition opportunities to pursue; (3) what other instructors students should study with at The Art League and in other programs and ateliers; and (4) all practical concerns of becoming a professional artist, including when to make the transition.


Critiques and Demonstrations Open to the Public

•   Group Critiques. Ted frequently provides group critiques open to the public both at The Art League Gallery and other galleries in Virginia and Maryland including ArtSpace Herndon, the Maryland Federation of Art, and the Mattawoman Creek Art Center.

•   Public Live-Model Painting Demonstrations. Ted also frequently provides live-model painting demonstrations open to the public at The Art League Gallery. At the The Art League's First Annual Portrait and Figure Festival in October 2014, Ted presented a face-off style Master Demo, painting side-by-side with Robert Liberace, Kurt Schwarz, and Dan Thompson. For more information, click here.


Katya Demo

Ted demonstrating for the public in the Art League Gallery



Ted demonstrating at The Art League's First Annual Portrait and Figure Festival


To find out more about upcoming critiques and demonstrations, contact The Art League Gallery for more information: 703-683-1780.


Critical Acclaim for Ted's Instruction

The "Northern Virginia Art Beat" column in the Falls Church News-Press adviced viewers to attend one of Ted's live-model painting demonstrations in The Art League Gallery:

As I relayed in a recent review of this show, Reed can do some serious portrait painting. Here we get to see him in action.

Reed teaches painting at the Torpedo Factory. Coupled with his past life as a litigator, Reed is not one to fumble for words. He knows what he is doing, and is able to articulate it clearly and effortlessly as few artists can. Having attended the last half hour of his last demo we can attest that this is likely to be the best free art instruction you've ever had, or ever will have.

Click here and scoll down to the middle of "Art in the Park" section to read the article (empasis added).


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